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Talks to Parents and Teachers by Homer Lane


‘If only we would encourage doing rather having we should avoid much evil later.’

Bonobo Press presents their first publication, an old, lost classic about child upbringing at home and in the school. Originally published in 1928 and written at a time when Freud’s psychology was beginning to infiltrate British society, it addresses important questions of freedom and discipline that are faced throughout a child’s life and considers what effects their mishandling can have on a child’s unconcious and subsequently their later life.

Included within the book is a 16-page section that has been illustrated and written by Daniel Haskett. Bonobo Press keenly advocate the use of all forms of visual media to give another perspective to the books they publish and push all artists to interpret in ways that are personal to them while enlightening  our readers.

My name's Daniel Haskett and I've been working as an illustrator for 10 years and more recently a printmaker. I also teach printmaking at Middlesex University in North London.

My shop is here to offer a selection of limited edition prints and books inspired by books and travel. 

My influences come from books, old men, children and colour photography from the mid 20th Century.

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